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As part of the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) network and the primary contact point for EDIH in Abruzzo and Lazio, we help your company maintain its digital edge – and become even more competitive. Our offerings encompass expertise, services and access to laboratories, along with financing and funding guidance. We also provide training sessions and workshops for your staff, thanks to research partners high qualified.

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How can we support you?

R.O.M.E. Digital Hub’s primary goal is to boost digital transformation, by supporting Public Bodies and SMEs in increasing their digital and innovative side.

Our focus is on AI and related application areas, as well as Cyber Security and High Performance Computing (HPC). As part of the EDIH initiative, we offer a range of services to support, accelerate and optimize Public bodies and SMEs’ innovation process;


R.O.M.E. Digital hub, through the exploitation of advanced technologies will provide test before invest services for the development of applications in various sectors such as: security, smart farming, manufacturing and modernization of the public sector, as envisaged by the European plans for 2030. Through advanced platforms, companies will be able to evolve their business models by adopting or integrating the proposed technologies with their current ones. Digitalization will also help companies (both public and private) to manage their work, allowing employees to interact effectively and more quickly, even over long distances. In this way, Europe will be able to achieve the conditions for the creation of an open and competitive single market.


training courses are also completing the services, with a wide offer in particular for AI training courses offered by important Universities such as UNIROMA, Sapienza and Research center like CNR. Moreover, high qualified courses will be provided by  SIGMA (Cybersecurity and data protection), and P&F Technology (Digital Transfer) In addition, two training courses with laboratory facilities included will be offered by BLU SISTEMI (Quantum Computing and AI), UNIPG (Image Processing and Computing vision). Furthermore, FORMA CAMERA (a Chamber of Commerce special company, whose mission is the raising of the overall levels of knowledge and competence) will take part in the project with 2 courses on advanced digital skills offered to SMEs and PSOs. Another course about Digital Twin will be  powered by BORGO URBANO (the first gamified periurban of Rome).


Identifying funding opportunities and facilitating investments for the adoption of the most performing technologies, for example through subsidized finance, corporate finance and European funding; This service is performed by P&F, MICROSIS and NOVARECKON.


The whole R.O.M.E. consortium will strengthen the network across the center of Italy by organizing events in cooperation with Regions, University and local bodies.

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